10 Reasons Why Emily Willis is the Hottest

We know that attraction is subjective and we know that lists with clickbaity titles are not usually well-received, but today is still a good day to learn why Emily Willis is the hottest pornstar in the world. We honestly believe that you should give this beauty a try even if you’re not a fan of hers. Even if you don’t like petite pornstars or Latinas or slim chicks. Emily really transcends all of these things. She’s a sexual force to be reckoned with.

Biggest Reasons to Enjoy Sex Videos and Nude Photos of Emily Willis

10 Reasons Why Emily Willis is the Hottest

1. She has a pretty face. This is one of the most underrated features of a successful pornstar. She has to have a gorgeous face. For every grotesque-looking dog-faced gremlin such as Sara Jay, there’s a Tori Black. Someone who’s conventionally appealing. Emily fits into that category. She has a VERY pretty face.

2. She’s one of the greatest and sexiest vocal performers in porn. It’s hard to pull off sexualized speaking/audience interaction in porn but her JOI vids are always amazing. Also, her dirty talking game is always on point. She can say the nastiest things in the sexiest tone of voice and it’s going to make you blow the biggest load of your life.

3. Her body is very slim and sexy. For the longest time, we were force-fed the idea that a pornstar has to be voluptuous. Guess what? Emily’s not very curvy. Definitely not “sexy hourglass” curvy. Definitely not naturally curvy. She’s thin but you can tell that she works out a lot. That’s the hottest!

4. Her filmography is great. This chick’s filmography encompasses just about every fetish under the sun and that’s one of her biggest strengths. She can do something for everyone, no matter how perverse your desires might be.

5. Her latest work with studios such as Deeper and Blacked is stellar. The very last scene released might as well be THE best piece of pornographic filmmaking in recent memory. Right now, it feels as if Emily is putting out the best work of her entire career and that has to be worth something.

6. She always gives it her 110%. Emily Willis remains one of the hardest workers in porn. She is fearless and diligent in the best way possible. We are struggling to find a reason why someone would purposefully avoid looking at her galleries or watching her latest porno movies. We can guarantee you that you will be treated to a REAL kinky show when it comes to Emily and her content.

7. The best is yet to come. Even though she is at the top of her game, she still is only 22 years old. She’s very young and she has a very bright future ahead of her. At the 2021 AVN Awards ceremony, she was nominated for 16 different awards and managed to win in 9 of them. It’s obvious that it’s only just the beginning for the Argentina-born bombshell.